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--CURRENTLY CLOSED--Not taking any commissions until further notice. Please don't email any enquiries for now! I really don't have any space to fit anyone in.I'll update on social media when I open again in the future.

Patreon Previews

Here are some of my previous month's previews for the digital and sticker club!If you've missed out on a sticker you wanted then join and send me a message on Patreon! My secret shop hasn't been set up yet but I still sell previous stickers to Patreon members.All digital items are available to Patreon members in digital kitty tier and up! Themed wallpapers are always available to Patreon members while artwork ones are only available for a month at a time for sprout tier.


Q: Can I commission you?
My commissions are closed until further notice. If you want to have a read, my info can be found here.
I also prefer if you didn't repost in general but IF you do, please make sure you credit me and DON'T use my images in videos ever please. These are often for monetary reasons therefore I am not comfortable with any type of video content reposts. Even if it isn't, don't do it anyway :)
Q: Can I edit your art?
Absolutely NOT, I don't feel comfortable with edits or drawing over my work, especially because so far everyone who did has removed my watermark.
Q: I have a order/Patreon question.
Please don't email me about these, your messages get filtered into folders so please try to message on Etsy or Patreon instead.
Q: What are your drawing/cutting tools?
I use Procreate on an iPad Pro 12.9" and a Gen 2 Apple Pencil.
I print stickers on an Epson ET-7750 (BUT I recommend using a Canon Pixma instead)
I use a Silhouette Cameo 4 to cut my stickers.
Q: What brushes do you use?
I mostly use a modified 6B pencil and other basic brushes like studio pen and airbrush.
I did modify a few other brushes for sketching and shading, you're welcome to purchase them here.
The texture brush I use is from Matt's Brush Set.
Q: Can I use your art as an pfp/icon/header/tattoo?
Yes, you are allowed to use my art ONLY for personal use NOT commercial use. Do NOT use it on your website. Do NOT directly sell or recreate my art to sell.
*Also please try to credit me when you use my work.
Q: Can we do an art/mail trade?
No sorry I'm not doing any trades at the moment.
Q: Do you have any tutorials?
I mainly post my step-by-step and timelapse videos on my Patreon, the $6 digital tier gives you access to the entire backlog of my art process.
Otherwise I have a full drawing course on CLASS101
Q: How do I grow my art social media? OR Can you retweet/share this?
I don't promote or do share/retweet requests, sorry. If you want to learn how to start your social media and gain natural followers I cover the basic details on how I grew in my CLASS101 art course.
I'll make another course on just social media growth later on.
Q: Hi, can I ask you a question?
I get this so much!! You don't need to ask to ask a question haha, please just say what you want to say because it saves me time on responses. I don't often respond to just "hi" or messages like that, sorry!